So, I’m in Tampa at the 2013 AXUG Summit. Even after just the first day I’ve gotten a lot of good information about how to set up a couple of things I’ve had my eye on with regards to our deployment and even had a few ideas on new posts.

I’ve also met several truly awesome people who have some incredible tales for what to do and what not to do. And the biggest surprise is that I am giving others advice based on my own experience – something that given how long I (haven’t) been doing this for encourages me.

Once I get back I’m sure I’ll be summarizing my experiences and expanding with more details. Meanwhile, talking with others who are in the same situation as I am for certain things gives me ideas on how I can make the AX community a better place. To that end, I have decided that I will eventually publish the security tools I have written (both for an administrator and as an auditor contact). Before I do so I will need to clean them up and make sure everything is in order, including the accompanying X++ code. Since it was originally written just for my own internal purposes, it’s not as good as it could be. I’ll be working on that in my “free time”, and hopefully will have something publishable by the end of the year.

In addition, sitting in a session about code deployment and maintenance has me inspired to implement an automated code deployment system which follows best practices such as deployment of layer files and version control (in this case using MorphX VC). I know where I want to go with this, but I’m not entirely sure how to go about the actual implementation. I will also be working on this in my “free time”, but we’ll see when I finally get a nice polished system in place. In the meantime, I’ll likely post an occasional update when I find something new or interesting.